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[ TSR is a guild on Ywain (old in MLF on Devon Cluster) ]

TSR guild Charter(ギルド憲章)
#1;TSR is a guild for mainly Battle Ground (Thidranki and Molvik)
ギルドTSRは主にBattle Groundで遊ぶために作られたギルドです。
#2;TSR is usually taking keep and defending it. not only roaming group.
ギルドTSRはチキンローミングはしません。Kill countに興味はありません。
#3;TSR members have to help all citizens of Albion.And we TSR never leave them behind.
#4;No begging items,we are not noobs.
#5;No cheating! Fair play,honor and integrity are our highest attributes.
#6;Enjoy fighting and never say any complaint! LOL
Durandalle guild leader
sorry guys i'm not good at English....because i'm a japanese.

RR,Kill and Champ title and battle ground RP cap info
Guild house
MLF on Devon cluster
Camelt herald guild Info web page
■TSR Vaults■
■1.91で変更されたMelee Styleについて■ ■1.91におけるおもしろSpec■
■Ywainへのお引っ越し■ ■2010年5月以降のSCシステム変更について■ 
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Contact TSR ; via E-mail ===> tsr@art.117.cx

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